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Case Study

Athletic Trainers For the Most Impactful Youth Sport Ecosystem

3STEP Sports


3STEP Sports is the leader in youth-sports tournaments, events, apparel and club teams. While continuing to grow as an organization, 3STEP Sports operates in all 50 states with over 3.2 million athletes competing annually across 9 different sports.

Out of the 143 brands currently under the 3STEP banner, notable companies include: NXTsports, Adidas 3SSB, the Under Armour Select Game, Soccer Events Group and more.

The mission of 3STEP is to enhance life experiences through sports. Your ambitions are our ambitions. We love being your biggest fan.


The principle challenge facing 3STEP sports is planning, organizing and executing thousands of tournaments, games and practices in a single calendar year.

Every tournament, practice and game requires an athletic trainer present to ensure athlete and participant safety. Depending on the size of the event, such as tournaments and showcases, 3-5 athletic trainers may be required for 8-12 hour shifts across multiple days.

That means trying to hire and secure athletic trainers from a disparate pool of limited local staffing agencies, regional hospital systems and cold-calling individual athletic trainers in 302 cities and towns.

The 3STEP Sports portfolio continues to expand regularly with the acquisition of new clubs and tournament operators. As the operational solution for many of the smaller independent organizations, 3STEP has a specific staffing challenge.


The Go4 platform provides 3STEP with a turnkey solution for their vast athlete and participant safety needs: a national network of over 21,000 athletic trainers available to work per diem jobs at the times that non-scholastic youth-sports operate; nights,
weekends and holidays.

As 3STEP continues to add new divisions and companies, the Go4 athletic training platform can scale with each new acquisition. The staffing, scheduling and hiring of per diem athletic trainers can be managed at the central corporate level or the individual division or event level to allow for last minute schedule changes or needs adjustments.

In addition, the in-app Injury Report allows athletic trainers hired by 3STEP to document and record incidents and injuries that happen at their tournaments, games and practices.

Parents are electronically provided with a PDF copy of the injury report that they can take to next-inline care—e.g., family physician—and the Injury Reports are stored in a HIPAA compliant server, should 3STEP ever need to provide proof of action.

By The Numbers

2587 JOBS IN Q1 2023