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To learn more about this DAT program offered by Indiana State University, check out Dr. Brittany James’ Alumni Spotlight from our Partners at Indiana State University.

Brittany James joined the North Central College athletic training staff as an assistant athletic trainer in 2015. She was promoted to head athletic trainer in the fall of 2016. One of Brittany’s core values is sustainability, both for the environment and the people living in the environment.

She began the Indiana State University DAT in 2019 with an interest in improving her own practice, creating career sustainability, and to foster that advancement and sustainability in her staff. Throughout her time in the DAT, and after, Brittany has created policies that enhance the work life of her staff, spearheaded campus-wide safety efforts during the height of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, creatively partnered with departments across campus to improve the health and well-being of all students, and established new job titles within her department that created upward mobility in both title and salary for her staff. 

From Brittany:

“I have a renewed energy and focus for the profession and my staff and I owe that to the ISU DAT. I’m dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging environment for athletic trainers, with a strong focus on patient wellness and professional development. These efforts to prioritize both patient care and the well-being of my staff, and patients, has resulted in positive change and great opportunities for our sports medicine team.

The insight gained from the DAT has reinforced the importance of fostering curiosity, encouraging dialogue, and continuous learning among athletic trainers. This mindset is essential for the growth and improvement of the profession as a whole. Staying engaged and reflective about our own practice without fear of different ideas or input has been an essential part of professional life after the DAT.

Since the DAT I have, and subsequently our staff has, had a greater ability to lay out a clear vision and set attainable goals which makes it easier for us to progress and provide exceptional care to patients.

Leading from the middle or the front has its challenges, but the dedication to our staff’s development and the quality of patient care has been crucial in driving positive change and developing impactful habits. I have successfully implemented policies such as a flexible work policy and scheduled documentation time, to establish an environment that allows for life balance and encourages self-aware and reflective patient care practices. Moreover, our department’s commitment to elevating practice standards and focusing on prevention and scheduled appointments shows a proactive approach to healthcare.

The opportunities my staff members have had to work with World Lacrosse and USA Men’s Volleyball demonstrate the success of our department in showcasing its value to the institution while expanding opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This has also contributed to balancing salaries and enhancing the life balance of our athletic trainers.

The creation of job titles such as Director of Sports Medicine, and the addition of the Assistant Athletic Director for Healthcare position are a reflection of the work I did during my time in the DAT, and my institution’s support for what athletic trainers do for student-athletes, and the campus community.

Overall, my post-DAT journey reflects a commitment to excellence in athletic training, fostering growth and curiosity, and creating a supportive environment for both patients and staff. We hope to positively impact the field of athletic training through our collective work.”

Dr. Brittany James, DAT, LAT, ATC

North Central College

Assistant Director of Athletics for Healthcare; Director of Sports Medicine

ISU DAT Class of 2021

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