If you’re looking for a rewarding career that helps others achieve their physical goals, becoming an athletic trainer may be the perfect choice for you. Athletic trainers play a vital role in helping athletes and others prevent and recover from injuries sustained in athletics, on the job-site and more. They also work with people who are trying to get back into shape after an injury or surgery. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 advantages to being an athletic trainer and highlight some of the benefits this career can offer.

5 Advantages To Being An Athletic Trainer

There are many advantages to becoming an athletic trainer. Here are five of the most important ones.

Work Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of being an athletic trainer is that you can work in a variety of settings. Athletic trainers can find employment in schools, hospitals, clinics, and sports organizations. This means that you have many opportunities to find a job that fits your lifestyle and interests. Working with an amateur or professional sports team may be ideal; or, working in the industrial setting to improve workers mobility and efficiency may better suit your interests. There are dozens of settings that you can pursue as an athletic trainer.

Work In A Social Environment

Another advantage of being an athletic trainer is that you get to work with a variety of people. You may be working with professional athletes one day and helping someone recover from an ankle sprain the next. This means that you never know what to expect each day, which can make your job interesting and exciting. Many athletic trainer roles will combine some hours in a physical therapy clinic and the rest of your working hours with a specific team or teams.

Fulfillment & Satisfaction

Among many other skillsets, athletic trainers play an important role in helping people reach their physical goals. When you help someone achieve a goal that they have been working hard for, such as recovering from an injury that prevented an athlete from playing, or strengthening a workers back so they can get back on the job, it can be very rewarding and satisfying. This is one of the reasons why many athletic trainers report high levels of job satisfaction.

Pay & Benefits

Athletic trainers are in demand, so they can expect to see an increase in their salary as they gain experience and skills. The average salary of an athletic trainer is $61,640 per year. In addition, this job offers excellent benefits such as health insurance and paid time off (PTO).

Job Outlook & Career Growth

The job outlook for athletic trainers is positive as more people are becoming aware of the benefits that these professionals provide. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in this field is expected to grow by about 19% through 2026. This means that there are many opportunities for career growth in this field.

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