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Case Study

When staffing needs a National Solution

Pivot Onsite Innovations


Pivot Onsite Innovations is a medical program provider that manages worksite medical clinics. For over 20 years, Pivot Onsite has created customized programs for clients big and small and staffing them with certified healthcare professionals. 

While working mainly in the professional setting, Pivot Onsite offers their clients a range of services that include injury care and case management, preventive services, ergonomic consulting, in-house Medical Directors and medical compliance support. 

When creating a program, Pivot Onsite offers athletic training services so that companies can enhance the performance and mitigate injury risks for their employees via prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.


The principal challenge facing Pivot Onsite solutions is the volume of clients seeking injury mitigation and rehabilitation services in less-populated and rural parts of the United States where there is a finite number of certified athletic trainers. 

Pivot Onsite operates in over a dozen different industries nationwide, including aerospace, auto, construction, meat packing, manufacturing and industrial equipment. These particular clients require athletic trainers to optimize the output of their workforce, but the sectors, factories and warehouses do not necessarily overlap geographically with the traditional athletic trainer settings including large universities and professional sports teams. 

Although located in Illinois themselves, Pivot Onsite required a solution to staff athletic trainers where their clients operate.


The Go4 on-demand Athletic Trainer staffing platform. 

20,000 athletic trainers make up the Go4 community, and regularly use the mobile app to search for per diem jobs and pick up available shifts near them. 

The Go4 platform provides Pivot Onsite with a turnkey solution to their specific needs: a network of certified, insured and professional local athletic trainers searching for per diem jobs outside of their typical sport setting.  

Using the Go4 platform, Pivot Onsite is able to provide healthcare at numbers companies across the country. By posting the job, for free, Pivot Onsite can elect to hire single or multiple ATs, from a day to a week to a year.

The easy-to-use platform for staffing athletic trainers also allows a single operations team member to list the needs of their entire portfolio, in one fast sitting.

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