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Case Study

Athletic Trainers Keep District Athletes Safe

Campbell Union School District


Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) is a 5-high school district in central California. It serves San Jose, Campbell and Surrounding communities and includes approximately 8,600 students.

With a demonstrated commitment to a high-level education experience for their students, the CUHSD is in a year 8 of a 10 year district-wide project to improve facilities across their campuses. This includes support for STEAM programs, athletic facilities improvements as well as air conditioning in classrooms.

The CUHSD is expected to have a major population increase over the coming 10 years due to birth rate and families moving into the district. The CUHSD is committed to providing a robust educational experience which includes comprehensive athletic programs.


The challenge facing CUHSD was providing a safe environment and access to health care for their nearly 3100 student-athletes. The district wasn’t able to hire enough athletic trainers to meet the needs of their growing population. In a best case scenario, athletic trainers would be present at each practice and game, as well as being available for rehabilitation and providing care to existing injuries.

Access to healthcare is essential to avoid an increased risk of injury, absenteeism for treating new and existing injuries, and elevated healthcare costs for additional required services such as physical therapy.

The school district could not risk operating athletic programs without athletic trainers who are prepared in life-saving medical treatment. Recent lawsuits and convictions of gross negligence for schools and faculty highlight this challenge.


Over 20,000 athletic trainers make up the Go4 community, and regularly use the mobile app to search for available jobs.

Campbell Union School District decided on the long-term contract option, Go4 Contract Services.

Go4 Contract Services focuses on rapid placement of athletic trainers, while providing comprehensive applicant screening and interviews. Every athletic trainer on the Go4 platform has had their credentials verified prior to the start of the job, and carry their own professional liability insurance.

Go4 Contract Services also fully manages the payroll processing and tax forms for the athletic trainer. The flexible payment system delivers a digital invoice bi-monthly to CUHSD which allows the school to pay via ACH similar to their food and IT vendors.

With over 25 years of athletic training experience on the internal Go4 team, the turnkey solution removed the burden and pitfalls of finding and hiring an athletic trainer while providing a safe environment for their student population to participate in athletics.

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