Here is the full set our of August practice posters to help remind your players to hydrate during hot Aug. practices and to be on the lookout for teammates that might be showing signs of exertional heat stroke.  ready for printing.
You can download them all in one shot with the first link, or if you only need one we’ve also included the download links to the individual posters.
The urine/hydration poster should be placed in bathrooms.
The how much water/fluid poster should be placed near water fountains and water bottle refill stations.
The exertional heat stroke warning signs poster should be placed in locker rooms and given to coaches. Also, we recommend going over the signs of exertional heat stroke with the players so they can better look after their teammates.
The drink water now poster should be placed on sideline water jugs to remind players to drink.
Also included is a link to our exertional heat stroke station setup guide.
Download the posters/sheets below.

The Full Set In One Action Packed PDF:

Hydration/Urine Chart:

How Much Water Should You Drink After Practice:

Signs of Exertional Heat Stroke:

Water Jug DRINK WATER NOW Poster:

Exertional Heat Stroke Station Setup Guide: