Every sideline. Everywhere. 
It’s not just a tagline, it’s our mission.

And to accelerate the mission, we’re now open in every state.

All fifty. From sea to shining sea.

It makes Athletic Trainers truly accessible to every athlete and every sports organization in the country. The benefits of which cannot be understated. And in turn, provides every Athletic Trainers with more opportunities to pursue their practice and their passion on their own terms.

So, yo America. Let’s go.

Want to get involved and help us get ATs on every sideline, everywhere? Submit a lead through our 4werks program at 4werks.com. If the lead you submit posts a shift—and the shift runs—we’ll send you a check for $125.

What’s a lead? A lead is someone you know who hires—or needs to hire—Athletic Trainers.

Questions? Hit us up at contactus@go4ellis.com.