A Quick Guide to Getting Hired as an Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer is a healthcare professional who helps prevent, diagnose, and treat injuries in athletes. Athletic trainers work with athletic teams as well as individuals. They often specialize in a particular sport or activity.

What Responsibilities Do Athletic Trainers Have?

Athletic trainers are responsible for aiding in the prevention of injuries or ailments that may affect athletes. They assess injuries and illness, and develop plans for treatment. Athletic trainers work with athletic teams, as well as individuals. To get hired as an athletic trainer at a certain institution or with a revered professional team, some Athletic Trainers will gain specialization in a particular sport or activity.

How Can I Get Hired As An Athletic Trainer?

Athletic training is an increasingly popular career path; however, athletic trainer positions are highly competitive. The best way to increase your chances of being hired is to have the appropriate education and certification. You should also be familiar with the requirements for licensure in your state, as this will be necessary for most if not all athletic trainer positions. Networking with other athletic trainers is another great way to find job opportunities.

Get Educated

All certified athletic trainers hold at least a bachelor’s degree; however, many employers prefer to hire those with graduate degrees. There are numerous programs available that focus specifically on athletic training, physical therapy, anatomy or kinesiology. Many universities also offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in athletic training.

Get Certified

Every state, except California, will require athletic trainers to have a license and certification; requirements for obtaining said license vary by state. However, every athletic trainer (again, except in California where there is no medical practice act for ATs), will need to pass their Board of Certification examination to receive their athletic trainer certification. Certifications must be renewed periodically.

Get Paid

Athletic trainers’ salaries vary widely depending on their employer and location. In 2016, athletic trainers working in elementary and secondary schools earned a median salary of $55,010 per year. Those employed by athletic teams earned a median salary of $52,650. Other athletic trainers were employed by colleges and universities or hospitals, where they made a median annual salary of $43,580.

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