5 Reasons To Hire An Industrial Athletic Trainer

Have you ever noticed that person who is first out onto the athletic field after an injury? That’s an athletic trainer, a highly-skilled medical professional; and that image that comes to mind, is just a stereotype of the profession. Working with college athletes and professional sports teams is just one setting that an athletic trainer may work in.

Did you know that many athletic trainers also work in health and safety for workplaces? Today the Go4 team takes a look at why more and more modern businesses, including ones like Amazon and Walmart, are hiring industrial athletic trainers.

Benefits To Hiring An Industrial Athletic Trainer

A key part of industrial athletic training is focused on preventative work. Even for athletic trainers working within the athletics sphere, the vast majority of their daily work is helping athletes better themselves and prevent injury and not spent acting after an injury occurs. It is this meticulous devotion to keeping people functional, healthy, and working hard that can be leveraged in the industrial setting, too.

Benefit # 1 – Ergonomics

The last decade or so has seen an increased focus on ergonomics, the study of one’s efficiency in their workplace. Ergonomic hazards and risk factors can cause long-term wear and tear for employees. What can seem innocuous at the time adds up to a harsh cost to the company in lost productivity and repetitive injury. Industrial athletic trainers work with health and safety teams to identify, recommend, and implement controls against this.

Benefit #2 – Work Readiness and Conditioning

Even the toughest new hire will not have the correct conditioning to work at a physically demanding manual job. You can let them do it alone–picking up all kinds of harmful bad habits along the way. Or you can leverage the skills, strength training, and conditioning methodologies that is part of an athletic trainers skillset and training to create work-specific conditioning programs that keep staff fit, healthy, and working at 100%.

Benefit # 3 – Education

Closely related to the preceding benefit, athletic trainers are also uniquely poised to offer easy-to-understand, relevant health education. This serves two purposes: first of all, you are ensuring staff understand how workplace injuries can occur through lazy shortcuts and other issues; plus it helps you remain OSHA compliant more easily. Staff can begin to see regulations and safety as something relevant to them, not an impedament in their work day.

Benefit #4 – On-site Rehabilitation

An industrial athletic trainer will work with an employee’s medical team to provide physical rehab services at work. This can be immensely beneficial across industrial, distribution, and manufacturing sites. It cuts down on staff non-compliance, and reduces the amount of time an injured worker may need to take off.

Benefit #5 – Return to Work

Do you know who makes the final call on an employee’s return to work? The employer, who can get it wrong and create liability? The employee, who may not be telling the whole truth? Or a skilled healthcare professional with diverse talents and medical knowledge? Your industrial athletic trainer can help implement, manage, and approve return-to-work programs smoothly and with peace of mind all around.

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