Independent Contractor as a Registered Nurse

What’s it like to be an independent contractor as a nurse?

Many nurses are reconsidering their conventional roles in hospital or healthcare organizations but have not ventured beyond hospital-based jobs. 

Per-Diem as an Independent Contractor is a way to ‘venture beyond’ and explore options outside of the acute care/ inpatient setting? 

Perhaps a shift or two as a Camp Nurse, School Nurse, Vaccine Clinic RN just to mention a few options. 

To pick up a per diem job, you’ll need a portfolio.

If you don’t have a Portfolio,  start with a simple one. Skip the hard copies and start an electronic file. (Shameless plug: you can start a portfolio and upload documents on the Go4 App, without having to apply to work.)  

The Portfolio basics should  include:

  1. Your active license(s)
  2. Certification or Credentials
  3. Your resume
  4. Liability Insurance ( PLI ) You can read more about PLI HERE.

Don’t forget to do your NETWORKING. If you want to speak with an RN who is currently working as an independent contractor, we can connect you.

Some RNs are just not “feeling it” anymore. They are asking existential questions like, what are the real rewards of my job? The hours are long. Others could be suffering from “Covid Exhaustion” Do I really want to be doing this after the last two years?  Maybe it’s a bit of all of these. 

Whatever your reason—or reasons—you don’t need to quit the profession entirely. 

Instead, consider a pivot. 

And that pivot begins with a portfolio.


Was this article helpful? We’ll be discussing what it’s like to work prn or contract jobs as a nurse. The world of healthcare is changing, and Go4 can connect you with future employers, gigs on your schedule and even long-term contracts.

Links to the upcoming webinars will be available here leading up to the event!

Aug 10th, 5pm ET – Webinar 1 – Being your own CEO- How community RNs are paving their own paths with guest speaker, Mickey Mullen, RN.

Nov 15th, 5pm ET – Webinar 2 – Kim Delaney, former Director of Enterprise Talent Acquisition at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), discusses job application best practices and how to make your resume stand out to hiring committees.

Jan 20th, 5pm ET – Webinar 3 – CALLING ALL STUDENTS! A day in the life of a Nurse Practitioner.

April 20th, 5pm ET – Webinar 4 – Travel Nursing: What is it, how do you do it and what are the perks.

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