In mid-October 2021, we are officially welcoming Nurses to the Go4 community. As part of this expansion, we have made improvements to the Go4 Job Poster platform. These updates will become available to Go4 account holders in the coming weeks.


We have re-thought the foundations of Event Creation. Here’s a preview of the new fields that will make your job posting more descriptive to attract the right applicant.

> Profession Needed: You will be able to post jobs for Athletic Trainers or Registered Nurses*. 

> Setting: Healthcare professionals work in a variety of settings, not just sports. This field will help make job postings more descriptive. 

> Setting Detail: This is replacing “Event Type” such as a Tournament or Game. Setting Detail values will be dependent on the Job’s Profession and Setting selections. 

> Job Description: Over the past year a variety of jobs have been posted on Go4. Adding a Job Description will better inform applicants of what the shift responsibilities entail. 

Job Posters can select the profession needed, setting detail, and job description.


We are simplifying Pay Rate options. Goodbye “Camp” and “Shift” Rate. 

> Hourly: This should be self-explanatory, but if not, your job (if worked) will cost the Hourly Rate x Hours Worked + Fees. 

> Flat: This is a single rate (+fees) for the entire shift, that is charged to you and paid to the healthcare professional once when the shift is over. 


We have improved the readability of applicants’ credentials. When you click on an applicant’s name under an Event in your Go4 Dashboard, you can review all of their credentials. Click to learn more. 

If you have questions or suggestions please Contact Us!

*Service fees for job posters on the Go4 platform are 12.5% for hiring athletic trainers, and 17.5% for hiring registered nurses. The rate increase for registered nurses is due in part to the more specific nature of nurse licensing and credentialing, and the verification process that RNs on the platform undergo. *Please note that utilizing an American Express credit card will increase these fees.