In mid-October 2021, the Go4Ellis app will change to “Go4.” We will notify all users when the new app is ready on iOS and Android. 

Users will need to update the app through their app store to get the latest version, which includes the following updates:  


> The app’s name will be changing from “Go4Ellis” to “Go4”. 


> Jobs will include more details. We’ve added Setting, Setting Detail, and Job Description to the job feed, to provide you with more information before applying.

> These new fields are available in the job feed filter as well. 

Say goodbye to gameday! New App Dashboard section.


> There are two options: Hourly or Flat. Hourly rates are self-explanatory. A Flat rate is one fee for the entire shift that is paid to you once when the shift is over. 


> You will no longer see “Gameday” as a menu option on the app. It will be easier to find CHECK-IN and MODIFY SHIFT right on the MY JOBS page in the app. 

> As a reminder, you must CHECK IN to every shift you work. This is how you get paid!

> If your hourly shift is shortened or extended, make sure you MODIFY the shift through the app to get accurate payment. 

If you have questions or feedback, please contact us!