Athletic Trainers use EMR to cover litigation regarding injuries at your event.
Athletic Trainers can use the EMR to document any injury at your event

Ask your Athletic Trainer partner to use the Injury Documentation Tool //

Why it matters


HIPAA compliant documentation for any injury that happens at your event

Quality of care

Your parents, players and coaches know the value of proper medical care: documentation is best-practice and underscores your safety efforts


Allows for your parents or the next clinician to receive a .pdf version of the athlete’s evaluation

Serves your Participants

Having a copy of the report can also help speed up the claims process when dealing with an insurance company

Why your athletic trainer partner should use the Go4 Injury Documentation Tool //

> CYA! In the event of litigation, you’re diligence and commitment to safety is documented

> Electronically stored, as opposed to paper notes in a binder that are lost or damaged

> ATs can document injuries from anywhere, right on their phone

> Continuation of care is simple when your AT partner shares their eval with parents/next-clinician in line