How to protect yourself as an athletic trainer. Document using the EMR
Athletic Trainers can document using Go4’s EMR

The Go4 EMR //


Maintain accurate, up-to-date information about patients at the point of care.

Provide Full Service

Provide continuity of care across medical providers.


Improve patient and provider interaction and communication.

Data Driven Decisions

Data collection to help with decisions on staffing, budgeting, inventory and facility needs

Why you should use the Go4 EMR //

> Paper documentation is not HIPAA compliant and gets lost, blown away, or thrown out

> Electronically stored, as opposed to that one note you wrote on the back of gauze that one (or not just one) time

> Document injuries from anywhere, right on your phone

> Autosave Feature allows you to go back and finish documenting. Because, Athletic Training Happens

> Securely share a pdf of your evaluation with the patient/parents. So you get a copy too, and they have a electronic version

> Never lose another evaluation to rain, coffee spills or misplaced binders

> CYA! In the event of litigation, you’ve got your documentation covered