Location: Variable–current contracts in CA, GA, FL, AL, and MD. Additional contracts being added.

Department: Go4Healthcare

Go4Healthcare is seeking athletic trainers for short and long-term secondary school contract fulfillment. 3 month to yearlong positions are available across the country.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Maintain overall Sports Medicine program for the school including, but not limited to: injury prevention programs, injury evaluations, injury management, injury treatment and rehabilitation, educational programs and counseling for student-athletes

Provide athletic training services for the school’s athletic department including, but not limited to: attendance at scheduled team practices and home and away competitions, as deemed necessary by Athletic Director

In coordination with supervising physician, review pre-participation physical examinations and coordinate medical referrals for student athletes to determine their ability to practice and compete

Work in conjunction with strength and conditioning staff to ensure safety in the design and implementation of fitness, nutrition, and conditioning programs customized to meet individual student-athlete needs

Maintain up to date health records and injury documentation of each encounter with student-athletes

Practice in accordance with education, training and the state’s statutes, rules and regulations and abide by principles set forth in the NATA Code of Ethics

What you’ll do:

Provide excellent care to student-athletes, day to day coverage for practices and games and work directly with the school’s Athletic Director to improve their Sports Medicine program.

The Ideal Candidate has:

3+ years experience in a secondary school or similar setting

Valid state license

Active BOC certification

About Go4:

Our mission is to build and engage communities of healthcare professionals. 

Our ethos is make it happen. 

We believe in problems to solve, not orders to follow. 

Experiment, try, fail, succeed.

Just make it happen. 

About the Compensation and Working at Go4:

Go4Healthcare is a healthcare professional service provider for institutions and organizations that need short term and long term healthcare solutions.

We believe better patient care begins with a community of fully-supported healthcare professionals.

We’re committed to making sure Athletic Trainers are paid at a rate that matches their skillset–our hourly rates start at $50/hour.