Benefits to being a 1099 Nurse at Go4

Benefits to being a 1099 Nurse at Go4

By Amanda Kammes, MSN, BSN, RN, Nurse Community Manager

Nurses everywhere are born into a system where we are told to go to nursing school, then you go to a hospital and get a job. You work 3, 12 hour shifts and either rotate, work nights or work day shift. Within this construct, you are a W2 employee and that’s really the end of it. What they don’t educate us on in school is that we actually have options! The perk of being an RN is that you don’t necessarily have to be a W2 employee to make a living, you could in fact be a 1099 employee either primarily or in addition to your full time W2 job!

So, where to start!?

Go4 is a great place to begin! Here at Go4 we offer PRN opportunities, outside of the hospital setting. You make your schedule, at your rate, in the setting you prefer! When you work shifts on the platform, you are a 1099 employee–which essentially means we do NOT take taxes out of your paycheck after you work shifts on the platform. Sure, you are responsible for then claiming any money you make over $600 on the platform as a 1099 employee, but you are also able to claim many other tax breaks as a function of this.

First, it is important to note, I am not a tax professional, and I am not giving advice on what to do or not do. However, I am well versed in working 1099 jobs as, what tax code refers to as an ‘independent contractor’.

So what the heck is an independent contractor? Honestly, it’s just a fancy way of saying you are your own CEO. All the work you do to make money under this status is at your own accord and done because you have expertise in something that someone then hires you to do. So then, you also can create your own LLC in line with this expertise, as well as write off expenses related to work done under this status too! There are certainly rules to what you can and cannot write off specifically, but there are a lot of things you can write off that are everyday things you need to work your job (like scrubs!) Ultimately, it does work in your favor to understand these rules in order to take advantage of the tax code provided to you.

So in short, educate yourselves! Be your own CEO, gain tax write offs, file that LLC paperwork, save money and grow your professional career with us!

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