This is a selfie of athletic trainer Gisele "GG" Guirand-Griffin who works with you and adult athletes and knows that manual therapy is a key to her practice as an athletic trainer.
AT Spotlight: Gisele “GG” Guirand-Griffin, Manual Therapy is Key

AT Spotlight: Gisele “GG” Guirand-Griffin, Manual Therapy is Key

Gisele “GG” Guirand-Griffin, ATC is an exceptional athletic trainer who continues to work with athletes at the youth level all the way to the professional leagues. She also happens to be an avid athlete herself, competing in USATF Masters events. Get to know her in the latest AT Spotlight: Gisele “GG” Guirand-Griffin, Manual Therapy is Key

Name: Gisele Guirand-Griffin 

NickName: GG

Alma Mater: UOP (Masters) CSUEB (Bachelors)

Most Important thing in your bag: Covering Youth–Bandaids and power flex!

Quote/Lyric/Line that sums up Athletic Training: Keeping Athletes Game Ready

What’s your current gig? Athletic Trainer for NBA Officials, High School and weekend tournaments (rugby) 

What is the Weirdest / Wildest / Most Interesting / Out there AT job you’ve ever worked?As an intern I worked a D1 televised football game! The crowd was wild and a group of tween fans asked for my autograph cause I stretched and touched the QB.. my claim to fame to them!

5 Words of Advice for new Athletic Trainers: Patience with progression without reinvention 

Share your best Moment / Story / Anecdote as an AT:
Manual therapy is key in my practice. My hands are my primary tool. A HS football player had b/l forearm and wrist pain that has not been relieved. He was in an accident 6 months prior to start of pre-season. I took time to evaluate, rehab and manually treat. He followed precise instructions and was able to RTP comfortably within 3 days and continues to progress strongly and continues his stretch/exercise program. Trained hands are invaluable!

When you’re not on a sideline, where can we find you?
Competing at USATF Masters meets throwing things! Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, and Weight throws or at a beach trying to paddle board between Bellydance showcases, lol.

What’s a day in the life like?
Convincing teenagers that you don’t need to watch YouTube to know how to kinesiology tape them and constantly explaining the difference of an Athletic Trainer vs trainer vs nurse!

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