Hellooo fellow RN’s! My name is Amanda Kammes and I am the Nurse Community Manager for Go4RN, an exciting new app created by nurses for nurses. 

Go4RN is a one stop shop for storing your credentials, keeping track of your CEU’s and finding per-diem opportunities that fit your schedule and location at premium shift rates. 

Nursing is hard enough, without also being under appreciated by your unit or not getting paid what you deserve. We want to change the narrative by creating a community of Nurses where we control our pay rates, our time and our futures. 

I am here to answer your questions, listen to what you need and always looking for ways to improve so that we can support YOU, the Nurse. So, hit me up. ak@go4rn.io.Now let’s get after it and change how Nurses access jobs, make money and interact with one another!I am pumped to get rolling! Come join us! 

-Amanda Kammes MSN, BSN, RN