5 Reasons Why Go4 Is Your Risk Mitigation Solution

5 Reasons Why Go4 Is Your Sports Risk Management Solution

Bringing together medical professionals and in-platform features to protect your athletes, your participants and your organization, Go4 is your sports risk management solution.


When an athlete or spectator gets hurt at your tournament, game or practice, Athletic Trainers are the first responders. They handle the on-site diagnosis, treatment and care of the injury. In the case of a catastrophic injury, athletic trainers coordinate the larger medical response of arriving ambulances, fire departments or law enforcement.

Athletic Trainers are multi-skilled healthcare professionals recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA). They are your partners, ready to assist with all facets of safety including planning, preparing, and enacting your safety protocols.


On the Go4 platform, you can also hire Registered Nurses. These healthcare providers not only conduct patient assessment and provide care, they also educate their patient population about how to best manage a condition or illness. This education can lead to better outcomes and a smaller chance of lingering issues.

While holding a different skill set than Athletic Trainers, nurses are prepared to assist in an emergency scenario that requires CPR or an AED. They also manage wound care and intubation during an emergency.

RNs are the perfect fit at your school, camp, clinic or office. Nurses are trained to manage medication, assist in with allergic or diabetic episodes, and were the front line of defense for COVID-19 screenings.


The Go4 app has a built-in Electronic Medical Record documentation feature that allows athletic trainers to document injuries in the field. They can then email the record to the athlete, or the athlete’s parent, to take with them to the next in-line care; e.g., an emergency room, urgent care or family doctor. Having a copy of the report can also help speed up the claims process when dealing with an insurance company.

The records are also kept in a HIPAA compliant, secure cloud storage. So, in the event of a lawsuit related to the injury, the medical record can be subpoenaed to prove that care was provided and action was taken.


Following Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin’s injury, Emergency Action Plans have been front and center across all news outlets.

An Emergency Action Plan is a document that provides site specific information to mount a response to a medical or environmental emergency. 

When you post a job on the Go4 platform, an emergency action plan  is auto-generated based on the job location with the nearest hospital and contact information for closest emergency services. Also included are the latitude and longitude of the location should the athletic trainer need to relay it to emergency services.

You can further optimize your EAP to include AED locations, on-site contact information and any other special instructions.


The Go4 team is made up of experienced medical professionals, sports operations directors and coaches. We have an acute knowledge and understanding of the prep, planning, execution and stress involved in running tournaments, games, camps and clinics. 

We’re here to answer questions, help you troubleshoot and execute. Give us a call, send us an email or shoot us text. We want you to be successful and help you keep the people under your watch safe.

Need an athletic trainer? Go4 is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams and organizations with per diem athletic trainers for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments. For more information, or to find and hire an athletic trainer, visit go4.io