5 Reasons to Work Per Diem on Go4 This Summer

5 Reasons to Work Per Diem on Go4 This Summer

Memorial Day Weekend officially kicked off summer, and you’re looking to earn extra cash to enjoy the rest of the summer half as much as this weekend. That means, it’s time to pick up some per diem work to fill in the gaps and have some extra walking around money (or more; as in, the highest earning healthcare provider made over $40k last year, more). Here are 5 reasons to download the app, join the community, and start earning. 

  1. Focus is outside the Acute Care Hospital World
    • The app is not about picking up more 12 hour hospital shifts. Instead, the app connects you with employers who need your skillset to fill in or for a short-term basis; no minimum hours or contracts needed.

  2.   Direct deposit after each shift
    • Go4 makes earning money easier. Find a shift near you, work the shift, and get paid via direct deposit. No more waiting until the 1st and 15th. Got a vacation planned? Pick up a shift or two the week prior and feel good about splurging knowing the money already hit your account.

  3.  Find a way to pivot, not quit
    • You’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears (and some other people’s, too) into your nursing career. Avoid burnout or quitting by testing other settings that fit your schedule, budget, and plans. Per diem on Go4 is the perfect way to test the water before diving in. 

  4.  Control the market place!
    • On Go4, RNs set the tone. Pick the shifts that fit your schedule at the pay rate that you deserve. By selecting shifts that you want to work, you’re helping nurses dictate the per diem market rates. 

  5.  One app for all of your per diem
    • Electronically store your license and credentials. Network with other RNs you wouldn’t meet during your same hospital shifts. Interact with a potential new employer. Access your payment history. All the hurdles of working per diem, made easy, in one app.